Using NWEA with Wowzers

Wowzers is proud to partner with NWEA to provide students with individual customized paths generated using their NWEA Map scores.

Step 1: Contact Wowzers and Assessment Coordinators

Please contact your Account Executive or email to let them know you are interested in using NWEA Map scores and they will help guide you through the process. You will also need to get in contact with your Assessment Coordinator for your School or District and have them share your students' data with Wowzers through NWEA


Once that is done, let your Account Executive or Customer Support Agent know so they can verify the connection is complete. They will let you know when you can set your students up to have their customized paths generated.

Step 2: Enter NWEA IDs

Go to the Class Roster tab and enter your students' NWEA IDs in the NWEA Student ID column. Then click Save Changes. You can do this while waiting for the Assessment Coordinator and Wowzers Agent to complete the connection.


Step 3: Generate Paths

Go to the Dashboard tab, check off the "Select All Students" box, and then click Generate in the NWEA tab that appears. You may also select individual students if you only want to generate some paths. You will receive an email when the paths are done being generated. If you have any errors, please email and they will assist you with the syncing of your data.


Step 4: Switch to NWEA Paths

After your paths have been generated, go to the NWEA tab and click the large "Play" button to actively move your students to their NWEA Paths. You can also click the small "Play" buttons next to students to move them individually.


Step 5: Viewing NWEA Paths

There are two ways to view students' NWEA paths. First, you can click the "Download All NWEA Paths" button on the NWEA tab. You will be emailed a file that contains all of your students' NWEA Paths.


You can also view an individual student's NWEA Path by clicking their name to get to their student page and clicking View NWEA Path in their NWEA Section.





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