[NEW FEATURE] Offline Mode

What is Offline Mode?

With our latest update, we can now mark students to be set to Offline Mode. When this setting is turned on, students will download all of Wowzers assets the next time they log on. Normally these assets would be downloaded as the student is playing. This allows students to now work offline, without an internet connection and to sync their data the next time they log in with an internet connection available.


How do I get Offline Mode for my students?

Since we are just releasing this feature, we want to work closely with any of our users who would like to try Offline Mode so that we can make sure it's working as intended. If you are interested in trying Offline Mode, you can contact your Account Executive or email support@wowzers.com.


How do I know Offline Mode is working?

First of all, you will need to make sure you have updated Wowzers to at least version 1.22.x. You can check your current version by looking for it in the bottom left while the app is open.


Then, when your student logs in for the first time, there will be a download progress bar as well as an exercise routine to keep your blood pumping. This process should be done somewhere with a strong internet connection. Once that's done, the student will be able to play offline.


If the student ever launches Wowzers without internet or loses internet while playing, they will be asked if they want to continue offline.


The status in the lower left will switch to Offline and stay that way until the student logs in or complete an activity while they have internet connection. Once they do log in with internet connection, there will be a screen that shows a syncing status so that their data can be seen online and our servers know how much work they did.


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