What is Wowzers' Automated Placement Assessment?

Wowzers' Automated Placement Assessment (APA) is our solution to giving each and every student a personally tailored learning experience. We test your student at their grade level and assess their mastery over every topic, and then automatically generate a path for that student that is unique to them.

First, you will need to assign the assessment to either an individual student or an entire classroom. You can follow along with our article on Assigning the Automated Placement Assessment. The assessment will range from about 30 to 60 questions depending on how the student answers questions and if the assessment needs students to test at different grade levels. Students do not need to complete the assessment in a single setting. They can log out of Wowzers at any time and pick up where they left off.

Once a student has completed the assessment, they will automatically start working on the generated content that they are assigned. You can then go to a student's page by clicking their name on the Classroom Dashboard and check to see how they did on their assessment and what content they were assigned.


You can then go to their Temporary Path to see what content has been assigned to them. It might look something like this.


You can make changes to this path like you would for any other path. However, you should make sure that you do not change, move, or replace the topmost section since that is the one the student is actively working on.

If you are interested in having a student work on other content, either alone or as part of a class assignment, we recommend you use a Group Path to give the student content. You can follow along with our guide on using Groups.

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