Assigning Automated Placement Assessment (APA)

The Automated Placement Assessment is used to help place your students in appropriate activities that match their individual needs. The students will take a placement test that will place them in activities that are +/- one grade level from their tested level.

Assigning to a new Classroom

There are two ways to assign the APA. First, you can assign the APA when you first created a classroom so that any students that are rostered will start in the APA that matches the grade level of the classroom they are in. When you are creating a classroom and are editing the default settings, select the option for the APA and then click Update Classroom at the bottom of the settings.


Once you have set these options, add your students to your classroom and you will see they are on the APA when you check your Dashboard tab.


Students will do the APA first, and when they are done, a path will be generated for them and they will begin work on it immediately afterward.

Assigning to an existing Classroom

The other option for assigning the APA is to go to the Dashboard and select one or more students by checking off the box next to them. Several new tabs will appear near the top where the Classroom's name is. Once this appears, go to the Assessments tab and select the grade level, APA and whether you want them to work on it immediately or after they finish their current activity. Then, click Assign Activity.


The Dashboard will then refresh and you will see that your students are on a temporary path and assigned to the APA if you chose to move them immediately.


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