Performance Boost

The performance boost setting in Wowzers disables the games and quests, and skips over story portions of the curriculum. While this setting is useful when Wowzers is used on low-end devices, it’s also useful in classrooms where you want students to focus on the curriculum and skip the games and stories that relate math to the real-world.


To turn on this setting for a classroom:

  1. From the classroom dashboard, click the Manage button.
  2. Click Edit Default Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click the check box next to Device Performance Boost.
  4. To apply the performance boost to the existing students in the classroom, also click the check box next to Apply to Existing Students? If you don’t select this setting, only new students added to the classroom will have the performance boost applied to them.
  5. Click Update Classroom to save your settings.
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