What are the different account types?

The staff members in your organization can have one of several different account types. The account type affects what data the staff member sees when they log in, and what changes they can can make.

These account type don't necessarily have to correspond to your roles in your real school. The capitalized Classroom, School, and District in this article refer to your organizations with the Wowzers system as opposed to your real-life institutions.

In order from least powerful to most:

Classroom Administrator

Users with Classroom Administrator accounts can see all the students data for the Classrooms that they are assigned to, but they can't assign content or change student settings. This user type might be appropriate for substitute teachers or classroom aids.


Most of the staff members in your organization will have Teacher accounts. When a Teacher logs in, they will be able to see all the classrooms that they have created or have been assigned. Teachers can see all the data from students in these Classrooms and modify the Classrooms and students in the following ways:


  1. Create new Classrooms.
  2. Add and remove students from the Classroom Roster.
  3. Change settings for students, including passwords.
  4. Customize the Classroom Path.
  5. Move students to different activities.
  6. Create custom Groups with with students from any of their Classrooms.
  7. Evaluate student's Extended Response Questions.
  8. Award Coins to students.


School Administrator

Users with School Administrator accounts will be able to see all Classrooms in their School when they log in. They have all the same powers as listed for Teachers above, but they can also.


  1. Invite new users to the School.
  2. Assign teachers to Classrooms.
  3. See usage data for a the whole school.


Since School Administrators have all the same powers as Teachers, a School Administrator can serve as "teacher" for any class in the school without needing to be assigned to it. This role might be appropriate for a teacher who is acting as "lead" for your Wowzers program, or a tech person who will be providing support.

District Administrator

If your school district has bought licenses for users in more than one school in your district, you may also have users who have District Administrator accounts.

Users with District Administrator accounts will be able to see all Classrooms in all Schools with in their District when they sign in. They have all the same powers as School Administrators and Teaches, but in addition can:

  1. Create new Schools.
  2. See usage data for every School in the District.
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