What is Wowzers Test Prep?

What is Wowzers Test Prep?

The Wowzers Test Prep feature allows you to assign your students a randomized assessment. This is intended as a way for a student to practice taking next generation digital assessments like those from PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

How is a Test Prep assessment different from other Wowzers assessments?

Test Prep assessments are designed to give students practice with next generation question types, not necessarily to gauge their mastery of a math concepts. As such, these assessments have the following features.

1) Students can use forward and back buttons to skip questions, or go back and change their answer on a previous question.

2) The assessment will continue indefinitely, until the student chooses to stop or you move them off.

How many questions are in a Test Prep assessment?

A Test Prep assessment will continue indefinitely, but the student can end the test at any time.

These assessments draw from a bank of hundreds of questions, so there is only a small chance that a student will encounter the same question if they take the Test Prep assessment multiple times.

How do I assign a Test Prep assessment?

Start by selecting the appropriate students on the Dashboard using the checkboxes next to their names.

Then from the options box that appears at the top of the page, click the "Test Prep" tab.

Then pick the grade level and concept you would like the students to practice.

Check the "Move Immediately" box if you want them to start immediately. Leave the box unchecked if you want them to finish their current activity first.

Click the "Assign Content" button and the assessment will be added to the student's Temporary Path. 

Where do I see the results of Test Prep assessments?

You can see the results of these assessments by clicking the student's name to go to their profile page, and then clicking "Quiz Scores". Test Prep assessments will show up above the other content under the heading "Test Prep Activities". Click their score to see the individual questions and how the student answered.


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