How do I use Groups?

What is a Group?

A Group is a list of students, or even a single student, that you have assembled because you want them to play a specific Curriculum Path. This might be because they need remediation, or because you want to give them more challenging work, or for any other reason you might want them doing something different from the rest of their Classroom.

The students will always still appear as part of their Classroom, and they can be listed under more than one Group. You can move a student between their Classroom Path or any of their Group Paths without them loosing their place. See "Moving students between Paths" at the bottom to see how.

How do I create a Group?

There are 2 different methods for creating a Group.

Method 1) This is the  fastest way to create a Group. On the Classroom Dashboard, use the check marks next to the students names to select the students you want to be in the Group. Then select the "Create Group" tab from the options that appear at the top of the page.

Give the Group a name, and check the box if you are ready for the students to start playing this Group Path. Then click the "Create Custom Group" button.

This will take you to the Path editor. Click the "Add New Sections" button, and choose the sections you would like to add to the Path.

Click the "Save Changes" button when you've added the Sections you want. After you save the Path, you can go back in and disable individual Days and Activities within the Sections, if you don't want them to play them.


Method 2) If you want to make a Group that includes students from several of your Classrooms, start by switching to the Groups dashboard instead of the Classroom Dashboard.


Then you can click the plus sign in the corner of the Groups column. 

This will take you to a new page where you can search for students and add them to a new Group.

1- Be sure to give your Group an appropriate name.

2- You can use the search bar to find students by name.

3- Click on a student's name to add them to the Group on the right. Click a student in the Group on the right to remove them from the Group. (For Admins: You can use the same process to add teachers who you want to be able to administer the Group)

4- The "Assign Path to Students" checkbox will set this Group's Path as the students' Active Path. 

5- Click the "Create Custom Group" button when you're ready to actually create the Group.

6- You can then choose the content for your Group's Path as in method 1.


Managing/Editing Groups

At any time, you can edit the Group's Path, or add and remove students from a Group.

Edit a Group's Path

You can edit a Group Path like you do a Classroom Path. You can see details for editing a Group Path HERE.

Add or Remove Students

Switch to Groups view on the Dashboard and bring up the Group you would like to change.

Then click the "Group Roster" tab.

This will bring you to the "Edit Custom Group" page where you can update the Group.


Moving students between Paths

Once you have students in different Groups, you'll probably need to know how to move students between their various Paths. You can see how to do that HERE.

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