How do I edit a Classroom Path?

How do I edit a Classroom Path?

To view the Classroom Path, make sure that you are viewing the correct Classroom, and then click the "Path" tab.

To switch to editing mode, click the blue "Edit" button in the top right.

Once in editing mode, you have a few basic options.

  • You can click on the items in the list to expand them and see what's included.
  • You can click the eye symbols to disable or enable Sections, Days, or specific Activities. (Note: You can't "delete" individual items from a Path, only disable them.)
  • You can click and drag the Sections to put them in a new order.


Add New Sections

You can also click the "Add New Sections" button to add additional Sections, even ones from different grade levels.

(Note: If you would like to start fresh with an empty Path, you can click the "Clear Path" button)

When you click the "Add New Sections" you get a searchable list of all the Sections in the Wowzers curriculum. You can browse through all Sections or filter them by keyword or Common Core standard number.

When you find a Section you want, click it to add it to the end of the Path, or click and drag it into place.

When you have made the changes you want, click the "Save Changes" button.

(Note: Once you save new Sections to the Path, you can then go back into the editor to disable specific Days and Activities)


Warning: If you edit an existing Path, be sure to keep in mind where your students are in the Path. If you move a Section where students are currently assigned, they will continue forward from wherever you place that Section.

When you're done editing the Path, you may need to use the Move Students' Position feature to make sure they are where you want them.


Disable Activities by Type

You can also disable all activities of a particular type, for example Quests or Games.

After you click the "Edit" button to edit the Path, click the small link "Disable/Enable Activity Type" just above the Path.

This will open a set of buttons that will let you disable or re-enable all activities of a particular type.


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