What is the Tryout, Lesson, Practice, etc ? (Activities)

(Note: The following sequence of Activites primarily describes the elementary school curriculum, grades 3-5. For information on how grades 6-8 differ, see the link at the bottom of the page)

Each Day of content is broken up into different Activities. Each Activity has a specific function.

1) Tryout -  The Tryout is a short series of questions designed to determine if a student has already mastered the Day's concept. If you choose, you can have our adaptive engine skip the student further along if the get every question right in the Tryout. This is a good way to get each student to their appropriate content level quickly. 

You can change this seeing at any time selecting the student or students on the dash board and using the "Students Settings" tab that becomes available at the top of the page.

2) Lesson - The Lesson is the main instruction for the Day's Concept. It's an interactive presentation that explains and demonstrates the concept with the help of participation from the student. The student will get adaptive feedback based on their response that guide them toward the right answer.

3) Practice - This is a series of questions designed to give the student more experience with the content from the the Lesson, as well as measure how well they understood the concept. Adaptive feedback is given for incorrect answers.  The student can get three incorrect answers (also known as strikeouts) before the program moves onto the next question. 

3a) Remediation - If you choose, you can set Wowzers to automatically intervene with a Remediation if the student scores below 70% on the Practice. The Remediation is a video lesson that teaches the concept in a different way that might be more helpful to lower performing students. Upon finishing the student will automatically be given more Practice questions to determine if the Remediation helped. 

4) Game - The Game is a more traditional "video game" for the students to play. It offers an opportunity for the student to use the math concept in a more fun setting. The game format also pushes them to really master the content by incentivizing speed and accuracy of answers with points and coins.

5) Quest - The Quest is an interactive platforming adventure that puts the day’s lesson into context for students.  The Quest couples the lesson of the Day with a real world context which helps answer the question, “When will I use this in the real world?” for students and helps make the lesson less abstract.

(NOTE: The Practice, Remediation, Game, and Quest are collectively called "Reinforcement". This is the term that will appear on your classroom page. )

6) Quiz - The Quiz is the main assessment for each Day. It is designed to mirror the types of standardized test question that students will now be taking from PARCC or SmarterBalance. This is your primary standard for see how well the student understands each concept. The quiz scores will appear on the Dashboard. You can click on a score to see more details. 

7) Free Time- At the end of each Day of content, the student as a prescribed amount of Free Time where they can use their avatar to shop in the Wowzers Mall. They use the coins they accumulate from playing Activites to buy clothing and accessories for their avatar and decorations for their BuzzPod (their in game vehicle/home). 

You can change this seeing at any time selecting the student or students on the dash board and using the "Students Settings" tab that becomes available at the top of the page.

Section Quiz- The last day of each Section is reserved for a longer Assessment designed to determine if they mastered all the concepts covered for the Section. It's similar to the daily Quizzes but includes material related to each of the concepts from the previous day.

A note on Middle School

In our Middle School content (Grades 6-8), these Activities work in a slightly different way. For information on how Middle School differers click HERE.


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