How do I see/edit a student's Temporary Path?

A note to NWEA users: Temporary Paths will not be available to you since it uses the same spot as our NWEA Paths. If you need to create a different customized path, please use Group Paths.

How do I add content to a student's Temporary Path?

(Warning: If you plan to assign more than a couple Sections to a Path, or assign the same content to several students, it is much better to create a Custom Group. You can see how to do that HERE.)

A Temporary Path works slightly differently than a Classroom Path or a Group Path. You don't need to assign a student to their Temporary Path; if there is anything in a student's Temporary Path, they will always be assigned to it.

You can add content to a student's Temporary Path from their profile page. To see a student's profile page, click the student's name on the Dashboard.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see options for assigning activities to the student. Choose whether to assign a Full Section, a Single Day, or a single Activity. Then click the "Assign" button (or Cancel if you change your mind).

WARNING: The student will not move to this content until they finish the activity they are currently assigned. If you want them to move to the Temporary Path immediately, us the "Move to Next" feature on the Report Dashboard.

How do I see/edit a student's Temporary Path?

You can also view and edit a student's Temporary Path like you would other Paths. Click the student's name to go to their profile page, and then click the "View Temporary Path" button.

Once you're viewing the Temporary Path, you can click the "Edit" button to edit the Path in the same way as a Classroom or Group Path . You can add more Sections, or enable or disable pieces of content. (NOTE: If you disable content, it will no longer appear on the Path when you save.)

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