How do Grade Levels Differ?

Grades K-2 

Grades K-2 contain simple story-based practice activities designed to supplement your in-class instruction. Students play as Kelpie, an adorable and mysterious flying sea horse.

Grades 3-5

Each day of content in Grade 3-5 includes instruction, reinforcement, and assessment. The actives for each day include a Tryout, Lesson, Practice, Game, Quest, and Quiz. You can learn more about these activities HERE.

In Quests, students play as their own personal avatar which they create the first time they log in. They can customize their avatar during Free Time after each day's Quiz activity.

Grade 6-8?

In our middle school content we take the philosophy behind the Quest activity and apply it throughout the other activities as well. This means that the Tryout, Lesson, and Practice are presented within the context of a story that plays out over the course of the Day and the student may be using their avatar or engaging in gameplay in the course of completing these Activities. 

This also means that there is no separate Game, and in some cases no separate Quest.

We believe this offers a more seamless and engaging experience for the student.


Activities in Each Day of Content:

Grade K-2: Practice

Grade 3-5: Tryout > Lesson > Practice > Game > Quest > Quiz > Free Time

Grade 6-8: Tryout > Lesson > Practice > Quest* > Quiz > Free Time

*Many middle school days conclude their story in the Practice and move directly to the Quiz

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