What to do if the iPad/Android App keeps crashing.

Is the Wowzers App up-to-date? 

We will attempt to warn all of our users ahead of time if an update to the Wowzers App is coming so hopefully this will not catch you by surprise.

If there is an update to the Wowzers App available, a message will appear on the login screen notifying you that this is the case. You will want to notify your technical coordinator that the app needs updating. 

iPad updates are available from the Apple Appstore.

The Android app can be downloaded directly on your tablets from: www.wowzers.com/android (Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page)

If your App is up-to-date, or if you can't get it updated immediately, there are some additional steps you can try.


Does the app consistently crash in the same activity?

If the app consistently crashes when the student attempts to play a particular activity, then the problem is likely a result of a bug in that particular activity. The immediate solution will be to move the student on to the next activity, but please also contact us so we can fix the bug. You can contact us a number of ways:

1) The live Chat button on our website. If you are logged in, it will appear as a blue square on the right side of your screen. 

2) Email us at support@wowzers

3) Call us at 312-273-1345

Please tell us the student's name and classroom and as many of the following as you can.Grade, Section, Day, Activity and Part (the part is indicated by the number at the top of the player's screen)

It would also be helpful if you could tell us any specific information about what the student did just before the freeze happened. (eg. They had just entered an answer, or They just tried to talk to Captain Coney) 


Does the app crash unpredictably?

If it doesn't seem like the activity itself is the cause of the crash, there are still some things you can do to try to improve the stability of the app.

1) Soft Reset: Hold down the power button on the iPad until a message come up saying "Slide to turn off". Slide the slider and your iPad will power down. Press the power button again and hold it until an Apple logo appears. Let it start up and try using the Wowzers App again.

2) Contact your technical coordinator and ask them to reinstall the Wowzers App, or reset your tablets.


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