How does the Reports Dashboard work?

What is the Reports Dashboard?

The Reports Dashboard is your default view for viewing your Classrooms. The main feature of the Reports Dashboard is a large table with each student on a row and the columns representing the specific curriculum Sections (i.e. "6.2 Decimals" or "7.9 Simplifying Expressions"). This table will be filled in with your students scores as they complete the Sections.

Around the table there are also some handy features.

A)  The column on the left lets you select which of your Classrooms or Groups you'd like to view, and shows some overall performance stats.

B)  The "Scroll to" drop-down menu lets you quickly shift the table to view a particular Section. You can also use the tall arrow buttons along the edge of the table to scroll the table forward and back by a single Section. You can also use the "go to" link above each student's name to scroll the table to whichever Section that student is currently playing.

C)  You can use the "Show" drop-down menu to control what Sections you see. "Sections in Path" will show only the Sections that are a part of the Curriculum Path for the Classroom or Group that you're viewing. "All Sections" will show all of the Sections in the Wowzers Curriculum.

Within the scores table itself you can see indicators of your students progress, giving you the ability to gauge all the students' performance from a single page.


To just look specifically at a particular Section. Click the magnifying glass.

The table will then display scores for each Day of the Section.

If you'd like you can click the magnifying glass on each day to see specific info on each Activity in a Day.

Sorting the Report Dashboard.

Any column can be sorted using these black arrows. Click once for descending order, and twice for ascending order.

 Sorting the Reports Dashboard is a great way to identify students who are most in need of intervention. You can even create custom Groups right from the Dashboard if you need to give students special assignments.

Check out this article to see how: Creating Custom Groups




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