How do Curriculum Paths work?

What is a Curriculum Path? 

A Curriculum Path (Path for short) is a list of curriculum content that a student will automatically play through. You can edit any Path that your students are on to include only the content you want. You can also move students ahead or back to any point within a Path. The students' place in a Path is saved so you can move them from one Path to another without the student losing progress. 

Classroom Path

All your students automatically start out on the Classroom Path. By default, the Classroom Path will include all the content from the Classroom's grade level, but you can change the Classroom Path to include whatever content you want. You can view or edit this Path by clicking the "View Classroom Path" button on the Classroom page.

You can see instructions for editing a Classroom Path HERE.

If you would like to move students ahead in the Path, you can see how to do that HERE.

Group Path

If you want a set of students to play content that is different from the Classroom Path, you can add those students to a Group. When you create a Group, you'll then pick content you want to add to the Group's Path. You can also add and remove students from an existing Group if you find there are more students you want to play that Path.

You can see how to use Groups HERE.

Temporary Path

If you really have a case where you want to assign a small amount of content to a single student, you can add content to a student's Temporary Path. The Temporary Path supersedes all others.  The student cannot be moved back to their Classroom or Group Path, unless everything in their Temporary Path is completed or removed. 

You can see how to edit an Temporary Path HERE. 

Switching Students Between Paths

You can see what Path a student is on by looking under their name. They can be on their Classroom Path, a Group Path, or their Temporary Path.


The "Active Path" Setting

You can move a student between their Classroom Path and the Path of any Group they are in by using the "Active Path" setting. Click the student's name to get to their profile page. If the student has been added to any Groups, there will be an "Active Path" drop-down menu where you can set their Path. Select the Path you would like the student to play. After the student finishes their current Activity, they will move to the Active Path you chose. If you want to move them to the new Path immediately, see HERE.

There are other methods of switching you students' Paths that might be easier.

The Play Button

If you want to move all of the members of a Group or Classroom to that Group or Classroom's Path, you can use the Play button in the top right corner of the Dashboard. The button will be inactive if all of the students are already on that Path.


When you are looking at one of you Classrooms or Groups, students who are not currently on that Classroom or Group's Path will have a strips behind their row of the table. You will also see a smaller Play button next to their name.

You can use this Play button to move an individual student to the Path of the Classroom or Group you are viewing. If the student is on their Temporary Path, this button will also give you the option to clear the remaining content from their Temporary Path.


WARNING: A student will always play the remaining content (if any) in their Temporary Path, regardless of the "Active Path" setting or if you've used the Play button. To remove a student from their Temporary Path, you can either use the smaller Play button next to their name, or go to the student's Temporary Path and use the "Clear Path" button. You can see full instructions HERE

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