How do I Assign the Pre- and Post-Assessments?

How do I Assign the Pre- and Post-Assessments?

1) If you are creating the Classroom for the first time, one of your options on the settings page will be "Standards-Based Assessments". 

If you check this box, students you add to the classroom will automatically be assigned the Pre-Assessment for that Classroom's grade level.

2) If you don't want to modify the Classroom Path, because your students have already started playing content, you can assign the assessment using the students' Temporary Paths.

Use the check boxes next to each student's name to select the students you would like to take the Assesment. 

When you select students a box will open up at the top of the page.

Select the "Assessments" tab and use the drop-down menus to select the Assessment you would like them to take. 

Then click the "Assign Content" button.


This will add the Assessment to the students' Temporary Paths. They will begin the Assessment when they finish the activity they are currently assigned. If you would like them to start immediately, use the "Move to Next" feature to push them on manually. You can see how to do that HERE

When the student finishes the Assessment they will return to the Path they were on before you assigned the Assessment (assuming you haven't added anything else to their Temporary Path).

If you need to review how Curriculum Paths work, see HERE.

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