How do I Move a Student between different Paths?

How do I Move a Student between different Paths?

When a student is added to Group, you have the option to have the student play the Group Path or their Classroom Path. You can switch the player back and forth if you need to and the student's place in each Path will be saved.

There are two different ways to move students between Paths.

Play Button

On each Classroom or Group page, there is a play button in the top right corner. 

Clicking the Play button will move all the students listed on that Classroom or Group Page to that Classroom or Group Path.


There are also smaller play buttons next to individual students. Pressing one of those allows you to move just that student to the Path of the Classroom or Group you are viewing. (These only appear by students who are not already on that Path.)

Active Path Setting

You can move students between Paths by changing a student's Active Path setting. 

Click on the student's name to get to their profile page.

When a student is a part of one or more Groups, a drop-down menu will appear on their profile page. Select the Group or Classroom Path you would like the student to play.

Then click the "Assign" button.

The student will move to that Path after they finish their current activity. If you would like them to move immediately, use the "Move to Next" feature. You can see how to do that HERE.


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