How do I Move a Student to their Next Activity?

How do I Move a Student to their Next Activity?

Normally your student will automatically proceed through the content in their Curriculum Path. Some times you might want to move a student ahead to their next activity manually. 

For example, you might want to move a student ahead when you change which Path they are on. By default, Wowzers will wait for them to finish their currently assigned activity before they start the new Path. Using the Move feature will start them on the new Path immediately.

To start, select the student or students who you want to move ahead by checking the box next to their names.

A box of options will appear. Make sure the "Move" tab is selected.

Then click the "Move to Next" button. This will move the student to the next activity in their Path, or onto a new Path if you've just assigned them to a new one. 

If you ever need to move students to a specific activity in a Path see HERE.



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