How do I review students Extended Response Questions?

Interactive Guide Available-Log in to your account. When viewing your classroom dashboard, click the Help tab on the right side of your screen and select "Review Extended Response Questions". (Guides powered by

How do I review students Extended Response Questions?

On the Classroom page, click the "Actions" and select "Review Word Problem Answers".

This will take you to the Word Problems Page. If your students have answered any extended response questions that you've yet to review, they will appear under the "Answers to Review" heading.

Click the Student's name to see the question and the student's answer. Rate the answer using the stars on the right (You can view the scoring rubric using the "View Word Problem Scoring Rubric" button at the top right of the page) Click "Mark Reviewed" when you've given your rating.

The student will receive coins based on your rating and the question will then move to the "Reviewed" section at the bottom of the page.

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