How do I view or change students' usernames and passwords?

Did a Wowzers Rep set up your classrooms?

If you sent a classroom roster to one of our Implementation Specialists, then you should have received an email back with a PDF for each of your classrooms. Check your email for the PDFs. If someone else at your school is serving as a coordinator, you can contact them to see if they received the PDFs.

If you've set up your classroom yourself, and didn't download or print the PDF, you'll need to reset your students' passwords in order to generate a new list.

How can I generate a new list of passwords?

For security reasons, we do not store a list of passwords in our system, so a list is only available when you assign new passwords. We export this information to you as a PDF file. You can download or print this PDF and keep it for your records.

To generate a new list, you'll need to reset the students' passwords. You can assign your own passwords or you can automatically generate random ones. You can also either do students individually or as a whole group.

To assign your own passwords:

On the Classroom page click  the "Class Roster" tab at the top of the page.


Enter passwords in the password column, and then click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

(Note: If you leave the password field blank, it will not change the student's password and they will not appear on the new list that is generated.)

You will then need to click the "Print" or "Download PDF" button to get the list you just generated.


 To use randomly generated passwords (faster):

Go to the classroom page and click the check marks next to all the students you want to update.

This will open a set of options at the top of the page. Click the "Reset Passwords" tab. 

If you're sure, click "Confirm" on the warning message and the print or download the list that it generates.


To Reset All Students

At the bottom of the Class Roster tab, there is an optional section that will allow you to set one password to all students or, by leaving it blank, assign a random password to all students.



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