What to do if a student's avatar is stuck in a Quest

What do I do if a student's avatar gets stuck in a Quest?

Refresh the browser and the program will take the student back to the start of the "part" (the numbers along the top of the screen) of the quest they were on. See if they are able to get through or if they get stuck in the same spot.

If the student is unable to get passed a particular place in a quest, please let us know by using this Bug Report Form. Please tell us the Grade, Section, Day, Activity and if possible, part number where the problem is. We will investigate to see if there is a bug in the quest.

If you need to, you can move the student passed the activity by following the instructions HERE.

If you have an immediate problem, you can use the "Chat" button on our website to contact a live customer support representative, or you can also email us at support@wowzers.com or call us at 312-273-1345.


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