What to do if a student signs in and a blank screen comes up

What do I do if a student signs in and a blank WHITE screen comes up? 

First, try refreshing the browser. If a blank screen still comes up, but the Logout link is visible, try logging out of the student account, and then logging back in.

If the blank screen still comes up, either your browser or your Flash plug-in might be out of date.

To learn if that's the case, visit the following links using the browser that is having the trouble.
http://whatbrowser.org/  This will tell you if you have the latest version of your browser.
http://www.whatismyflash.com/  Will tell you if you have the current version of the Flash plug-in.
If you need to update your Flash Player you can do that using this link http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

If you are restricted from updating your system because you are at school, check if there is a different internet browser on that computer. Try accessing Wowzers through that browser. You will also likely want to contact your technical coordinator about updating your systems or installing alternate browsers.

We recommend Google Chrome. It has the Flash plug-in built in, so it is easier to keep up-to-date.

What do I do if a student signs in and a blank BLACK screen comes up?

If you are getting a black screen you may need to try all of the above as well. 

If the student has previously been able to play on that same device, it could be a problem with the activity your student is trying to load. You could try assigning them a different activity to test if this is the case.

Please contact us and tell us the Grade, Section, Day and activity that is not loading. If you do not know, just tell us the student's name and the name of their teacher and we can look up where they are assigned.

Also, please tell us if your student is having the issue on a computer or a tablet.

Contact us.

If you need to contact us, please use the "Chat" button on our website to contact a live customer support representative, or you can also email us at support@wowzers.com or call us at 312-273-1345.

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