What to do if Wowzers freezes

What do I do if Wowzers freezes?


Wowzers may appear to freeze if there is a dropped Internet connection. If it does not recover after about 1 minute, it is recommended that you refresh the browser window.



If the freeze happens multiple times, especially if it happens on the same activity, then there is likely a bug in the specific activity that will need to be fixed. Please notify us using:

1) The Live Chat button on our website. If you are logged in, it will appear as a blue square on the right side of your screen. 

2) Email us at support@wowzers

3) Call us at 872-205-6250

Please tell us the student's name and classroom and as many of the following as you can. Grade, Section, Day, Activity and Part (the part is indicated by the number at the top of the player's screen)

It would also be helpful if you could tell us any specific information about what the student did just before the freeze happened. (eg. They had just entered an answer, or They just tried to talk to Captain Coney) 

We will immediately begin fixing the issue. Most problems like this can be fixed within the day, or even within the hour of it being reported. So we would appreciate it if you could notify us as quickly as possible. 



If the whole computer has frozen (not just Wowzers), you will have to manually shut down the computer by holding the Power button until the computer shuts off, and then restart the computer.

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