How do I Create a New Classroom?

How do I create a new classroom?

To create a new Classroom, click the plus sign in the corner of the Classroom list.


Choose a name for the Classroom. Make sure it is different from any other Classrooms you have (including Classroom's you've archived). Then choose a Grade Level for the Classroom.

If you are a School Admin you will also be able to choose a teacher from your organization to assign to the Classroom.

If you are a District Admin you will have to select which school in your organization the Classroom should belong to.


Settings Page

You will then be taken to a page where you can choose the default settings for your students. Any of these can be changed later, either for the whole class or for individual students. You might want to consider them now so you don't have to worry about them later.

Standard-Based Assessments - This will automatically assign the students a 60-question Pre-assessment quiz as their first activity.

Adaptive Lesson. This setting lets you choose what happens if your students get a perfect score in the Tryout activity. You can read more about Tryouts HERE.

Free Time. Free Time is part of the incentive system in Wowzers. It's where students spend the coins they earn in lessons (or that you've awarded them).

Student Roster

Next comes the student roster. Here you will actually create the list of students in the classroom.

The first section describes how to upload a spreadsheet of your student list, if you already have one. Click on "How does this work?" to see the instructions.

You can also enter your student information by hand. Click "Add Student" at the bottom of the page to create new blank rows. Fill in the information for the students.

NOTE: You can choose your own usernames and passwords, or have the system generate them for you automatically.

Once your student list is complete, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. The PDF of usernames and/or passwords will be generated. Save or print the list. This is the information your students will use to log in at 

Click "Show Classroom" at the bottom of the page and you will be taken back to the Reports Dashboard.

From there you will want to set up your students Curriculum Path

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