How do I move a student to a different place in a Path?

How do I move a student to a different place in a Path?

If you would like to move a student or set of students to a different place within a Path, go to their Classroom or Group Dashboard and check the box next to the student or students names.

A menu will open up at the top of the list when a student is checked. Make sure the "Move" tab is selected.


The "Select Activity" button will take you to the Classroom or Group Path, and let you select exactly where in the Path you want the selected students to start playing.

The "Move to Next" button will simply move the students on to the next activity in their Path. This is useful if a student is stuck and you want to move them on. It's also useful if you have changed them to a different Path, and want them to move to it before finishing their current activity.

Both of these options, will immediately move the student, they will not have a chance to finish the activity where they are currently assigned.

NOTE: If you use "Select Activity" from a Classroom Dashboard it will take you to that Classroom Path. If you use "Select Activity" from a Group Dashboard it will take you to that Group Path. When you select an activity, it will move all the students you selected to that Path.

If a student still has content in their Temporary Path, they will move back to it after one activity. You'll need to edit their Temporary Path and disable the content in it. See "Editing a Temorary Path".

Check the Path indicators under your student's names to make sure they are on the Path you want. (Click the indicator if you want to see the Path)




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